Pierre Sang in Oberkampf (Paris)

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I saw Pierre Sang‘s restaurant grow up and open at the corner of my design’s school two years ago. I pass in front of the window every day, and then I went eat lunch there with my mom almost every week. I was our little ritual ! It’s one of my favorite restaurant in Paris.

Some french people already know his name, because Pierre Sang was a finalist at a french TV Show,  Top Chef 2011. He travelled a lot, and since two years, he owns his restaurant, at 55 Oberkampf street, in Paris. The concept is pretty simple : no menu, no drastic choice, he cooks everyday a different meals with fresh products ! He values “responsible” cooking, by buying ingredients from locals producers, using only seasonal food, and I think it’s great ! When we enter in the restaurant, we are being asked if we have any food allergy or intolerance, then our meal is created according to our answers. We always have warm bread and salt butter to wait ! Yumm my tummy’s rumbling just thinking about it !

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For lunch we can choose if we want an appetizer or a dessert with our main course, and on the evening, 4 to 6 courses are served ! And all this in a very pretty and uncluttered place, in a friendly atmosphere, because there is a big communal table which is in front of the open kitchen, and it is really great ! I would say that Pierre Sang is doing fusion cooking : he mixes a lot of ingredients and world’s flavors, to offer a unique dish never tasted anywhere. We feel a lot of his south-korean origins in his plates, but also flavors from Argentina, France, Spain, and the whole world ! A date/earlgrey tea jam on cantal cheese, an emulsion of Parmesan cheese and ceps, chili paste,  slices of Kobe’s beef marinated in spices…

The courses are all originals, tasty and well balanced ! It’s a delight. And an affordable delight, because the most expensive option is at 39 euros ! (around 49 $) It is great cuisine, responsible and affordable ! In addition, there is a very cool atmosphere, Pierre welcomes us and comes say goodbye, we can chat with him, asking him questions… This restaurant is growing famous so if you don’t want to wait, I suggest you go before the opening hour. The customers are foreigners at more than 50%, I guess it’s because it is in a lot of touristic books ! I let you discover more on the Pierre Sang‘s website, and really I recommend this place, it’s amazing and so delicious ! ♥

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