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Healthy places to eat in London


Like in all capital cities, London owns a lot of restaurants. These days, I want to eat healthy and really integrate this way on the long run in my everyday life. Travelling is no longer an excuse, as I’m on the road most of the time anyway 🙂 I searched for healthy/veggie restaurants in London. […]

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Nomad Stories #1 : Camille, pastry chef in Bath

EnglandHow to

I see a lot of us searching for advices, lived experiences, some courage, to find the strength to make their dreams come TRUE ! It’s to INSPIRE and help you down this path that I’m launching this new kind of interview videos, to bring inspiring stories directly to YOU. This is the first episode of what […]

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Itinerary line : North Thailand


I spent around 2 months in Thailand. It’s like my headquarter in Asia, I come and go quite often. I “lived” more than I visited, and I concentrated my experiences in the North. Here is an itinerary you can do, not really outside the touristic path, but simple, nice and efficient to enjoy this amazing […]

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Four years ago, I visited Cape Verde. It was amazing and so beautiful ! I did a video back then, but never share it on the blog; now it’s done 🙂 Sorry, for once, english subtitles are not available (for now)

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Bern and our costumes


english subtitles available, like always 😉 What an extreme change it was for me to go from Asia to Switzerland ! But that’s what I like about life, contrast 🙂 With my friends, we explored Bern, Switzerland capital, for one day full of fun and interesting things. In this video, I also explain to you […]

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Safari in Chitwan


We made a stop in Chitwan national park, in the south of Nepal. It is a very well-preserved region, where fauna and flora are very dense; it has been magical for me, who love to live near nature ! We stayed in Chitwan Gaida Lodge, in bungalows builded in a big garden with a jungle-vibe. The staff is […]

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