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Bra and leggings Yoga Searcher

My practice of yoga began few years ago; it came naturally when I discovered pilates. To use my body like a unique tool to work out and also relax was something very new for me at the time. Since then, yoga is an important part of my everyday-life, even if it’s only for few minutes a day sometimes.

Thanks to yoga you can improve your flexibility, it can help you relax, re-center, and take time for yourself. Pretty quickly it leaded the way for me to learn about vegetarianism, ayurveda, meditation… Everything is connected, and come together very naturally. And while you take care of yourself, why not try in any way, right ? That’s how I lend to the “bio” and “ethic” matter.

Left : Top and ∴leggings∴, Right : Bra and leggings; Yoga Searcher

What’s more natural than practicing yoga in good clothes respectful of the body, the environment, and well made ? It’s when I was searching for those kind of pieces than I discovered Yoga Searcher : leurs collections are made in Europe (Portugal), with great fabrics, in ECO-TEX certified workshops.

Designs are unique, sweet et colorful, and you can find a lot of different pieces in the collection. Outfits for all kind of yoga, clothes for before, for after, and even some I would be glad to wear outside my practice ! Fabrics are very soft and shapes can fit all types of body : to resume, I’m a fan 😀

I want for you to visit the Yoga Searcher boutique of boulevard Beaumarchais. It’s a really nice and zen space, with a pretty decor, which is a good illustration of the brand spirit. You can of course find the collection there, but also a very interesting selection of books, decorations, well-being tools, accessories, and even yoga classes and workshops. Yoga Searcher organize yoga retreats in Hossegor and Bali by the way… very tempting, I will look at it !

The brand let me borrow few pieces to show you 🙂 like you can see, I’m far from skinny, but anyway the clothes are fitting perfectly and made me feel so good… It proves that you can have style even for a practice as healthy and “slow” as yoga. For this shoot, we went in my favorite spot in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a city near Paris, just before Boulogne wood. The light between trees was so nice, we were lucky ♥

Pics par ma chère Gabrielle

Left : Top, Right : Bra and ∴leggings∴, Yoga Searcher. Jewlery : Shop Dixi

My postures are far from perfect, but that is what is great with yoga : perfection isn’t obligatory to try, it can help everybody, and you will with no doubt find some type of yoga made for you, which will make you happier and more relax. To be in life with more serenity and good vibes. By the way I’ll write a post soon about my tips to always smile and have more joy in my everyday life, especially in winter, and there will be more Yoga Searcher clothes in it 😉 !

My favorite kind of yoga to unwind are Strala and Bikram. What’s yours ? ♥

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