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We use to say that with “what if” we can remake the world. What if we try to change our life, instead ? 🙂

What if we choose to see our weaknesses like strenghts ? For example, be sensitive could allow a better understanding of others, a really sweet side or a sharp creativity.

What if our worst mistakes were really our best lessons ? When being fooled teach us to not fall in the same traps again. And instead of getting out of it hurt, we decide to come out of it grown

What if we see our scars like medals, battles’ trophies ? Because they prove that we fought, that we lived things, but also that we are still here.


What if we let all our regrets for keeping the “enriching experiences” side ?

What if instead of  seeing the bad everywhere, we enjoy all the good we are seeing ?

There’s a sentence I worship these days, and I think it applies very well at everything which is going on, in the world and in everyone’s life…

The falling tree is always more louder than the growing forest.

It’s so easy to choose to concentrate on the bad which might happen regardless of the good. But if we put the same fervor to be excited by pretty things that the one we put in fear, the world would be a so much better place. Because even if you don’t see it right now, more goods happen around us. More beauty than ugliness. It’s just less noticeable ’cause it’s so much harder for some people to admit, that happiness it’s at hand’s reach. That Good is real. Because hope is frightening sometimes. It’s a protection mechanism, there’s nothing more human. But it’s up to us to change that !

What if we always see the best instead of the worst ? 😉

Hope you’ve a great summer ♥

Pics by my talented friend Gabrielle (her fb)

Dress Free People / Bra Free People / Jewelry Shop Dixi



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