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Pics by Gabrielle ♥ (her fb)

2015 has been really really tough. For me, for everyone. It has been the most difficult year of my life from now… big amount of challenges ! But has it’s engraved on one of my new fav’ bracelet :

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.

And as in life there is no mistake but only lessons, here are little and big things I learned this year. Maybe you experienced some of them too 😉

  • To heal, you have to stop touching your wound. Even if you want to understand it, to analyze it. Time heals everything, eases everything. Bad and good things. It doesn’t mean we forget… just that we live and we are moving.
  • We’ll never have the time to. You have to take it, find it. To make room for what you love, what you need. To live is making choices, and to choose our priorities.
  • Sometimes you have to let go; to stop holding stubbornly on things. Once I read that happiness is serenity. I think this is true. To be in peace, to live without stress or fears, can’t be bought… it comes with practice. To help you with that, I discovered an amazing app for cellphone : Petit Bambou. Unfortunately it’s in french, but maybe you have something similar in english ? I meditate since more than 10 years now, and it really helped me improve my practice and it changed my life ! (yeah, no less !)


Sweater Free People / Necklace Free People / Jeans Free People / Ringd Shop Dixi

  • You have to be patient. A gift I absolutely don’t have. I alway rush on things, I want everything to happen right here right now. Yet taking some time is good. It gives you time to think twice, to not let your impulsivity win. I’m trying to learn that 🙂
  • It is essential to take time for yourself. We can not be everyone and everything, all the time. We think we can until… we can’t anymore. Taking care of ourselves, protecting our minds, ours spirits, and our bodies is so important, and at every ages.
  • By being even more open, smily and curious, wonderful things happen. Even when we’re not in the mood. Life is so full of surprises, it’s just amazing. At every second, we can reinvent our future. Seize every single moment like a chance to live fully !

It was a bit of “talking about my life” here… By the way, one of my resolution for this year is to more taking care of this space I love so much ! Thank you for reading me ♥ Kisses !

What did you learn in 2015 ?


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