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Below, pictures and extracts of my travel diary of Peru. It was in august 2012. This travel radically changed my entire life. I went there with my bf family during two weeks, and we visited especially the south of the country, with the big things to see. I hope go back again someday ! My notes are sometimes very short, sometimes long and full of details. It’s kind of funny to read my way of writing from this time. anyway, I’m very happy to have it. It helps me remember.

Day 1 : Sunday 19th august


Peru’s capital. We saw a lot of churches and a museum of archaeology on the afternoon. it was pretty long. The weather was rainy and everything was grey. Lima is not for me, I don’t have any bond with this town. It was El Día del Nino. The children’s day. There were dancing and singing everywhere, and their costumes were spectacular.


Day 2 : monday


Much better than Lima, according to me. Second city of Peru, with 1 million of people living there.

A lot of churches, again. In a clothes’ shop made in Royal Alpaga wool and Baby Alpaga wool, I just fell in love with an reversible coat with brandenburgs. It cost 720 soles, like 240$. Ouch. But I’ve it for life now. And it’s awesome, with a big hood. Yayy ! Peruvian people drive veeeery fast and hoot a lot. They are also pretty shy, but super avenant and nice. We visited a cloister of nuns. Long time ago, in families, the oldest daughter had to get married, the younger one had to take orders, the third one had to stay with her parents to help them. For the boys it was the same, except for the third one who had to enter in the army. Their lifes weren’t cool. Poor them !

This day I ate one of the best meal of my life. It was in a restaurant, a scalded pepper with meat inside et closed with cheese. It was an appetizer but it was really huge and more than enough to be an entire meal. It was really good; I noticed that here, appetizers are more elaborate than main dishes; so that’s what I prefer !6 5

7Day 3 : in the bus

We are going higher, at 5000m. We aren’t sick because of the altitude, except that Raph (my bf little brother) and I are bleeding from the nose on the evenings.

We discovered coca candy, coca soda coca tea. They worship coca so much around here. It seems it helps against altitude. We arrived in the hotel in the early afternoon, in Chavay‘s village. We actually are in the Andes cordillera. There are a lot of lamas, alpacas and vicunas. Vicunas’ wool is the finest of the entire world, even more than cashmere. It’s not sell in Peru, because it’s so expensive. She is at approximately 2,500 dollars per metre !! 20% of it is bought by Chanel, 20% by Armani…

Every seasons pass by a day in peru. In early morning it’s very cold, around 2 celsius degree. Around 9 am, it’s like spring and the weather is more hot. Between noon and 4pm, it become really hot, like 20/25° and the sun is hitting really hard. After that, temperatures are running cold very slowly and at night there are really cold again. There are lamas everywhere, even in the garden of our hotel. There are two, a curly one, kind but very shy, and one with straight hair, ugly and so meeaaaan !


SONY DSCLamas are cool dudes… or not.

Day 4 : mercredi 22th august, in bus…always.

We woke up at 5:30am to take the bus and see the Condors. On the way we stop near a cliff from where we can see incas graves. Bodys were put in holes in foetal position with stuff, and sometimes even with people. Then they amassed stones on it. Importants men were buried with their mistresses, under drugs, and alive. Sometimes with guards too, whom we cut feet (for them no to run!) but who were alive too. Pretty. Did you know that in Peru, human sacrifice was practiced until 80’s? Lamas are nowadays, always killed for sacrifice too.

On the afternoon, we went into a village to visit a church and a farm market. The animal’s carcasses dried in front of us, and the children gamboled everywhere, laughing lieu little craycray. Peruvian children are really beautiful, and not shy at all !

And that’ is for the little excerpt of my travel diary from Peru ! Here are some pictures of my fantastic journey ! 



My cutie roomie on Amantani island… Roy <3




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