Those little (and huge) things which changed my life forever

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Hi ! Barely came home from New York (New Yooooork I miss yaaaa ♥), I wanted to share with you guys those things which help me climb important steps during the last three years. No blabla about personal life here, just those cultural wonders which really changed everything for me. It can be nothing, but it is so important to me. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you in a way 😉

The three “P”



First “wow” in my adult life, my travel to Perù, in august 2012. I never was in such incredible nature before, in front of such magical landscapes. I just finished my first year of fashion study and it stated even harder my dream of a fashion which could be equitable, beautiful, natural, pure, and faire. Which doesn’t hurt living being or the earth. I know it is utopian, but to want to change things is a start ! And the hard conditions of the trip made me realize my physical limits : I was 21, and I was breathless watching old peruvian grandma carrying my suitcases on their island. I thought that it was about time that my life changes.

A little extract of my travel diary in Perù here.






Pole Dance


So I began to look for a new sport. I took dance lessons during 10 years but I never were comfortable, not enough confidence. And one day, by chance, I try a pole dance class. The second my hand touched the pole and my body was floating in the air, I knew it would be my sport. Two months later, I ordered my pole online and I put in in my Mum’s apartment. The pole dance, it comes from inside you. You need to have strength and flexibility, grace and endurance… unfortunately, this sport hasn’t a good reputation at all, because people trust the cliché too much without looking further. Be a striper and be a poler is two very different things. Each one practice this its own way; for me it’s like dancing, art, body-building by flying. It is amazing sensations. It’s magical.

But to progress, I needed to build more muscles, ’cause I didn’t have any; and thanks to that, I discovered my final third “p” : pilates.

Picture taken last year during a shooting with Don Curry.




Yes, I know it’s more a yoga than a pilates position (pix from this summer), but I’ll get there 🙂 When I wanted to build muscles and loose fat to practice pole dance better, I ran into this wonderful Youtube pilates channel : Blogilates. It was two years ago, and since I’m totally hooked up. Pilates, it consists to develop your strength thanks to your own weight, by doing abs, burpees, cardio… It made my happiness grow, my strength, my balance in life. More I do pilates, more I’m happy; it’s as simple as that ! Naturally after came a better way of eating, some vegan breaks, yoga, meditation, and all those things which care of my health and make my strong and energic. My life, my body and my meals were never ever the same !

But more than all that, it’s thanks to a pilates video that I discovered the brand which sells me dreams night and day, and which I will talk to you about ♥

Roshambo : Rock par Free People

The idea of editing fashion vidéos is in my head since forever. I already did some little clip of myself when I was 11. Two years ago, I like a pilates teacher top in a video. It was a Free People tank top. I googled (I looove this expression !) and I ran into this video. Since then, I know what I want to do in my life. I want to work for Free People.

To work on their video, or even better, drawing clothes for them, is my obsession. This short movie gave me that feeling, because I absolutely love everything about it. The music, the light, the discreet focus on the brand’s pieces, the storyline, the atmosphere, the actors, the clothes and accessorizes of course, the landscape, the feeling about it. Free People doesn’t just sell clothes. They sell a lifestyle, an atmosphere, a unique look on the world. When I found this video, I found echo of myself. Of everything I love.

Time goes by, and I kept this project in the corner of my mind. In a corner, until they made this video :

Rangeen par Free People

With Freida Pinto, who is one of the most beautiful women in the world, nothing less ! The indian food are also my favorite kind BUT it’s just a detail haha. I’m fascinated by indian culture, and I think India is the future of textile; so when I saw this video, my heart melt : I want to do this.

I want to draw accessorizes, create clothes, work on atmospheres to help realize a clip full of emotions and life. Of travels. So this is it, it’s not just an unrealistic dream, this is my goal. It’s what I wanna do with my life. We just have one and only life. Well, my happiness would be to do this.

New York


I visited New York for the first time last may. I went there a second time to celebrate new year’s eve, and I came back three days ago. To visit this city, soak up the atmosphere made me realize that the dream isn’t that far. That it’s here, at my fingertips. This town can make a person feel that everything is possible, with hard work and passion.

By traveling to New York, I didn’t think I could fall in love with it. But I did. And I always cry on the way home, like a girl who leaves her boyfriend for a long time. So corny I know ! This trip changed my life because it showed me that everything is possible. Or at least it made me feel that way ! And it’s what matter. To live experiences which make our wings grow. I will write a post on my week there very soon, maybe when I will have a little less work. Meanwhile, you always can read how I fall in love with this city here.

So here are the things which changed radically my life this past years. Hope they will maybe inspire you in a way… by the way, what are the things which change your life recently ? ♥

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