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“You’re not ready.” “Wait a little more.” “You’re gonna regret it.”

All this thoughts heard from my family and friends, before I leave for my trip. All this thoughts that you will probably hear too, if you take a big step in your life, if you begin a big change, or something new.

All this comments shouldn’t influence or hurt you; your people love you, but this is only the reflection of their own fears that they put on you. Those fears are not yours, but theirs. Nobody can know or feel better than you, what is your way. And now that we’re going a bit deep, I have to tell you something important…

There is no, right time.

The “right time”, is the one you decide. It’s the one you create. There will always be an unplanned event. Always a “but if”. Always something or someone, who will try to hold you back. You will always meet difficulties. Whatever your dream is.

You want to open a restaurant on the other side of the planet. You want to enter a new course. You always wanted to begin a sport. You dream to travel. There is no right moment for that. Never, none time of your life will be just perfect for that.

The right moment, is when you want it enough to finally do whatever it takes.

(stop making excuses and do what you want, kay ?!)

Of course, it’s okay to think about it for a while, to be scared, to have doubts. But don’t hide behind all that to not realize what you heart really wants. All this are just tests sent to you to see if you really want something. To start a project and to not go through, isn’t a failure. It’s experience. Life is made of that, and you can’t avoid it. And it makes you grow as much -maybe even more- as success.

Trust yourself. Trust life. Because at our last moment, the things we regret, are the ones we didn’t dare to do. People we didn’t say “I love you too”. And dreams we didn’t pursue, by fear of mistakes. The moments when we didn’t listen to ourselves. There is only the actual present; so, the right time, it’s from now.

Pictures by Solenne Jakovsky ♥

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