The Mondial Tattoo Show

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On March 4th, I had the chance to be invited for the first time at the Mondial Tattoo Show in Paris, thanks to 8.6 beers which have seen their design changed on this theme. I was there, with my little press bracelet, so happy ! 8.6 had partnered with the mondial and shows for two years in a row news design for her cans, directly inspired by the tattoo universe and art. Yes, for me it is really a full art.

To see in live people getting tattoos for hours was great. The beginning of march was really full of tattoos for me, and it was great. In addition to participate to the mondial, 8.6 organized many very cool drinks #Démesurémenttattoo, I’ll talk you more about it at the end of this post 🙂




My pics aren’t great, I didn’t take the camera in while, and I so wanted to fully enjoy the moment, look at every stand ! It was great to be in the atmosphere, surrounded by so creative and passioned people. I had predictable crushes on those who are specialized in polynesian or maori tattoos, and those who propose geometrical and graphic pieces. If you want to take a look at their work, here are some names I wrote that you can search on the internet : Manao Tiki Tattoo, Ti’ A’ Iri’ Tattoos, L’Aiguille Tattoo, Aubrey Mennella for The Common Place Tattoo (USA ♥), Grizzly Inc…

On top of all that, there was a Fender area, and as I always wanted to play electric guitar, it was such a blast ! We can try them, and the sound was just exquisite… if you want to offer me something, I wouldn’t say no to that haha 😉 !




One day before the event, I had an appointment in Anomaly‘s salon in Beaubourg (very cool Paris’ neighborhood) to get my fourth tattoo. I was waiting for this day since 3 months, I was so excited ! I went there because I discovered the work of Aude and I really loved it. I also love love love what she did on my arm 😀 it’s not complete yet, but even now for me it’s flawless !

For the launch of the new 8.6, drinks were organized in tattoo’s salons. And it was awesome ! In addition to have the possibility to discover the news drawings on the cans, some “flash” tattoos were available. The principle : designs already drawn, that you can choose and have done directly, for a little amount of money. My friend Claire came with my to the party which stood at Kali Art studio and she fell for a bow with a face deer on it. It was a first, we were so excited, I was so happy to share this with her 😀

Yeah, she is pretty focus there !


This idea of organizing drinks in those locations is just amazing to me. Good job 8.6 ! It was really fun and nice, specially for Claire’s first tattoo, she will remember this moment, it will be a great memories for us… 🙂

Do you have tattoos ? ♥


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    Next time I visit Paris, definitely I will attend to Mondial Tattoo Show.

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