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Top/New Look – Skirt bought in Nepal

I always considered that I was really lucky in life. I have a roof above my head, I never craved for food, I went to school. But for most of humans being -me included-, this basic blessings are not enough to create a life of happiness. I met really poor people in Asia, with same material and sentimental concerns than wealthy europeans.

We always want more, right ?

Since I was born, I hold on one thing : this light I had in me. This energy so positive, full of love, which helped me see the bright side, and be grateful toward everything life offered me. And then… I lost it. I let it disappear, by dint of deceptions and bad choices. It happens. It’s like that.

But, if I had never lost this capacity, I might not have left searching for it somewhere else.

Dress by Modcloth

My trip allowed me to find myself back. And to find my gift back, to be able to be full of joy for everything. I found some places, which be home forever. This monastery in Thailand. This balinese city. Over there whatever your age, your mistakes, your story. I felt good, accepted, free, and fulfilled. Now, no matter xhat happens in my life… I know I have those magic places to come back to.

Alone on the road,

I had to face my broken heart, grieving the person I loved the most, bad memories, regrets, well life, as everyone else. And when you find yourself facing all that, without any escape possible, you don’t have the choice : you have to take action, or fall apart. So, I took a step back on my existence. And then, step by step… I found my light back. And I finally felt complete.

Now I don’t need someone to love me anymore, ’cause I already find Love. It’s in me, in you, it’s everywhere. It’s this inner light filling me of joy and life. And which makes me happy about everything !

There is a Gandhi quote I really like :

I cried because I had no shoes; then I met a guy who had no feet.

We have to STOP thinking that others have a better life; it’s so not true. Let’s just look at the facts : I have no grandparents, no father, no sibling, no job, no driving licence, no appartement, no money. Haha. Would you be happy in my shoes ? And THEN : I never was so fulfilled. I don’t need anything. And I just owe it to me. To my light giving the blessing of being happy with what I already have, and to turn problems into opportunities.


See the glass half full. Decide to be happy. Nourish your light. Choose joy.


Pics by my super talented friend Gabrielle. Her facebook ici.

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