The Free People Showroom (LONDON)

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I tried several times to explain why I love the brand Free People so much. But I can’t really succeed; I think it’s like when you’re in love with someone 🙂 it’s feelings, not words. Maybe I’ll do great things with this brand, maybe that’s why it appeals me so much ! Or maybe it’s just because I love the feeling of freedom I have when I’m wearing those clothes; the feeling to be really myself… But stop; I’m always rambling when I have to speak about Free People; sorry but not sorry… love it too hard ! ♥

Anyway, I worked for them in sales last year (great experience by the way) and I was lucky enough to visit their showroom in London. I can tell you right now that my heart stopped and I was about to cry any minute. It wasn’t as wonderful and magic and esthetic that I thought… it was BETTER.


Everything is so well-arranged, so shiny and bright; it’s a Free People land, I was in a Free People dream ! I would like my home to look like that ! All details were amazing, clean and I saw inspiration everywhere. It was such a blast !

But it is the point of having a showroom, right ? For those who don’t know what it means, it’s like a bigger window to expose the spirit and the products of a brand. It has to emphasize the style and the quality of it, and to show the global message of the brand. Really well done here ! The showroom is in perpetual change, according to fashion seasons and new collections. It always has to be perfect and relevant.

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I’m so lucky to had the chance to travel to London and see it with my eyes. Even months later, I’m still amazed ! Hope I will have the chance to visit the one in NYC someday !

Have a wonderful week friends ! 




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