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This very catchy title isn’t totally accurate… I didn’t woke up, one morning, and told myself “hey, I’m going to discover the world right now !”. It’s a background project of life, an idea which grow old with time, experiences and people I met. But few weeks now, I decided that this dream, will become my reality. And that I’ll do anything to live it.

It was not an easy choice to male. Sacrifices have to be done. But I don’t have a lot of strings attached, maybe by a certain chance… I have a very free spirit, greedy of discovering the world. And so I decided to live my life at the fullest, and now (or at least in few months 🙂 ). Of course it’s not simple to leave your family, your friends, your situation, your apartment, your comfort, your life. But for me it’s so worth it… I always knew I would leave. It was just a matter of time.


Next spring, I will take the road, alone with my backpack, to Asia. After it will probably be South America. And then Africa. But, who knows when the road will lead me, right ? I don’t have any ending date. No obligatory step. No plan. My goal is to live. To discover cultures, landscapes, people. My limits. To discover myself.

I want to do my best to give back to this world, which gave me so much. I would like to do humanitarian missions at each steps of my trip. I know I will sometimes feel lonely. And afraid. And I will have doubts. It’s exactly the point of all that.

Some points of my travel :

  • equipment : my backpack. And that’s all.
  • transportation : plane between continents. Otherwise car, bus, train, boat.
  • bedding : couch surfing, hostels, bed and breakfast.
  • would like to help in associations in each country or at least one on two
  • budget : my savings; also selling a big part of my clothes and my stuff, so if anyone is interested ! I’ll work on the road too, wwoofing, small jobs.

I will also change a little bit the blog soon, to give you the opportunity to follow my journey more easily 😉

Let’s go ! ♥


Pics taken this summer in Croatia

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