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5 July 2018 / By / Post a Comment

Borderless (or Au-delà des limites in french) is an immersive and interactive exhibition created by the Japanese collective teamLab. It takes place everywhere in the world, but is in France from may to september 2018.

I loooved this exhibit; the link between nature and technology, if sometimes seems akward, here is very very well done. So I decided in a rush to do something with the few videos I had of it. It’s still a nice little preview and it gives me inspiration for other works.

It was magical to be able to immerge in this decor, responding to our movements. Waterfalls contouring us, rain made of flowers, strange characters nodding and looking us straight into our eyes… it was a unique experience and I hope you can go there too !

Advice : take your time and plan to have few hours in front of you; it’s not very big, but you have to take the time to chill and explore 🙂

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