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Ow ow ow (Santaaaa vibe :D), here is my first wednesday-tattoonessday ! For this first edition, I wanted to show you the tattoo’s style I prefer : lines, rounds or geometric, full, empty, thick, fine…and also the trees’ drawings, I think it’s so wonderful and magic ♥

I love tattoos. For me, it is an unique way of personalized our own body, and a way of expression. I have three tattoos, and I know I will get some more. If tattoos were perceived in a less pejorative way in our society, I know since forever that I’ll have a tree tattoo, from the hips ’till the cheek. Its branches would run very finely on my body, they would wrap my neck and grow on my jaw. But it will be very hard to live with it in our culture, even for me who are not ashamed of anything.

I found all this pictures on Pinterest, except the one at the top on the right : it is the tattoos of my love and I. We didn’t do it in the same time. His is one year old, and I did mine almost three years ago. But we like the same kind of tattoos, so it appears that they really match together ! The fourth photo, with the native girl, is a picture that I keep very consciously since years : it’s all I adore, the colors, the face, the style, the tattoos… And the pix behind it impresses me too, I think that to have the cycles of the moon on the back is such a great idea ! And you what kind of tattoos do you like ? 

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  1. I love the tree tattoo’s! I live in the Pacific Northwest so something like this would be great – I do not have a tattoo, but maybe someday soon I will have enough courage to get one.


  2. glamdevils says:

    Wow these tattoo look pretty cool.


  3. Jenny says:

    I love the couple’s tattoos!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

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