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Dream’s recipe

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I think society doesn’t encourage us to dream. “Dreaming is for lazy people, dreaming is for artists; it’s for those who have nothing better to do, who have not any ambition”. It’s what society seems to keep repeating. But… why ? Like if to dream could keep us from living. I think it’s quite the opposite; […]

13 March 2015 / By / , , / 4 Comments

Let-let’s cook pumpkins ♪♬


As I noted in my autumn bucket list, this year I wanted to learn how to cook pumpkin ! It’s pretty big so it impressed me at first but it’s actually a food like another, simple to adopt ! I give you my little recipe, very simple and doable in 20 minutes ! Here is my pumpkin […]

18 October 2014 / By / , , , / 11 Comments