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Reminiscent : come back of imprecise memories, which may cause emotions. (english subtitles available) I made this little film last year, in the south of France. It’s very important to me, because it relates feelings and history who are really mine, and very personal. It’s a piece of my heart in images… a piece which […]

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Fashion & Thoughts

When we’re young adult (yes I don’t picture myself as an adult, I’m completely in denial haha), we ask ourselves a lot of questions about the after. About our future. About what we are suppose to do. Who are we gonna be ? What do we have to build ? Where are we gonna live ? […]

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What if

Fashion & Thoughts

We use to say that with “what if” we can remake the world. What if we try to change our life, instead ? 🙂 What if we choose to see our weaknesses like strenghts ? For example, be sensitive could allow a better understanding of others, a really sweet side or a sharp creativity. What […]

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The Free People Showroom (LONDON)


I tried several times to explain why I love the brand Free People so much. But I can’t really succeed; I think it’s like when you’re in love with someone 🙂 it’s feelings, not words. Maybe I’ll do great things with this brand, maybe that’s why it appeals me so much ! Or maybe it’s […]

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Running away

Fashion & Thoughts

To run away, to escape. To leave everything behind. It’s my specialty.    Why ? Because I want to, what else. The urge to break up with Paris. The relationship you have with the place you live in is crucial. Our city can make us miserable like an unfulfilling job or an unhappy love life. […]

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