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Hylla, shared wardrobe


Did you ever heard of Hylla, the shared wardrobe? Probably not yet because it happens only in France for now. It’s a really nice project which stands against fashion waste. It was created by Céline and Amandine, two girls very fond of ethic fashion. I met Céline a year and a half ago during a […]

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Mighty Heart

Fashion & Thoughts

Hello guys 🙂 With this shoot, I would like to talk to you about love. Not about LOVE, because for me there isn’t juste one kind, there are a lot. A lot of loves. Not about ONE love either, ’cause it’s not lost inside all the others. No no, just talk about love. When we […]

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Press presentation from Galeries Lafayette


Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to be invited at the press’ presentation of spring/winter 2015‘s new collections of Galeries Lafayette. It happened in Paris (of course !) and it was really cool ! I asked myself the same question before I went there. It was the first time, so I wondered how it […]

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F/W Trends (part 2/2)


Here is my second post about Fall/Winter 14-15 trends ! To see the first one, it’s here ! Today, I write about two trends, maybe my fav’ for the winter : flowers embroideries and prints, and faux fur ! ♥ I think it is a timeless trend; it arrived in my dressing with my travels, and never […]

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Anthropologie in Paris !


    When I read in september that Anthropologie just opened a corner in BHV Marais in Paris, I ran into the first subway to see it ! I love this brand, it is so sweet, full of retro’s inspiration, pretty decor, fun stuff, in short : beautiful things ! I only went to one Anthropologie’s […]

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