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When I knew I was invited to discover the new  Superdry‘s store on Rivoli’s street, I was thrilled. I heard the name of this brand since a while now, and I knew it thanks to its very cool and practical bags. But I never had the chance to get a closer look to the clothes.

We can’t miss the store thanks to its super great merchandising; it’s so colorful, I love it ! When I went there, there were a lot of shorts, hanging behind the window, full of flash or delicate details which changed on each design.

The rest of the store is in the same spirit : great tops, very cute dresses and bunch of details very California-like. I loved it !


∴ T-shirt Superdry ∴ / Jeans GUESS / Vans / Longboard Oxelo

As you can see it made me craving for a little ride under the sun with my longboard. I didn’t enjoy that since such a long time… like for this blog, tho. I miss so much writing here. And I’m missing you guys ! I’m so happy to get back to my keyboard, and even more to talk to you about this brand ’cause it’s a really good surprise for me !

Prices are more than reasonable for this quality, and the pieces really rock; each cloth put me in a good mood 🙂 for once, I choose different styles from usual and I don’t regret it : change is good !


Superdry’s designs are inspired by Japan; which explains the energetic tones. I think it really change from what we’re used to see… it’s kind of sporty but feminine, with a very young/dynamic vibe.

What I liked the most about the clothes is the little touch of embroideries everywhere. I’m really fond of that kind of work because I like so much do it myself 😉 that’s why I also had a crush on this blouse and those ohmyga shorts haha.

Blouse Superdry / Shorts Superdry / Necklaces Dixi / Vans


I don’t know about you, but when I dress I’m trying to communicate a certain “vibe”, according to how I’m feeling in the moment. With those clothes and this shoots, I filled myself with so much energy ! I’m so ready to embrace my life !

A thousand of thank you to my dear photographer  Gabrielle for this great time and her amazing skills ! (her fb page here)

I hope you have a wonderful summer 



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