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To run away, to escape. To leave everything behind.
It’s my specialty. 


Why ? Because I want to, what else. The urge to break up with Paris. The relationship you have with the place you live in is crucial. Our city can make us miserable like an unfulfilling job or an unhappy love life. Despite the fact that living in Paris is a wonderful chance, it’s also exhausting, tiring, sometimes depressing, and it can suck everything out of you. It’s what happens for me. I couldn’t do it anymore. And I  just recently learn to choose what is better for my life. So I apply it 🙂 Sometimes, to run away isn’t cowardice; it’s a way to take care of yourself.

It’s not the first time I jump into a train on an impulse. It’s so refreshing ! So liberating. I woke up, and I felt I needed to leave. So I packed and I ran. It’s the way I am. I also left Facebook. And let me tell you : it is SO GOOD !

Pics by Gabrielle ♥ (her fb)


Hairpiece Free People / Tunic Free People / Jeans Free People / Boots André

The feeling of freedom, strength, confidence that it gives you… it’s magical. Once again, for me the best brand to express all of this is Free People. But if you follow me a lil’ bit, you know that already haha.

This “let it go, let it goooo” sensation is priceless ! Two days under the sun and I’m already like… “repaired”. To take some distance is something really good, for everyone. You can see clearer, you can feel better. Even if it means to disappear for a while, and keep ourselves from the ones we love. It’s something that I do for me. To reconnect again, and be true to myself.

To everyone who feels lost… do it. Try to find a way, to find the time. Take your music, your diary, a backpack, and do it… Leave just with yourself 🙂 To come back stronger and more present. There’s my advice 😉

Have a wonderful weekend ♥



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