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English subtitles avalaible

Reminiscent : come back of imprecise memories, which may cause emotions.

(english subtitles available)

I made this little film last year, in the south of France. It’s very important to me, because it relates feelings and history who are really mine, and very personal. It’s a piece of my heart in images… a piece which I dedicate to my grandma ❤

I only used my little Canon Powershot G7 to film. And Adobe Premiere and Effect for the post-production.

All clothes and accessories are from Free People brand that I adore (but you know it already).

A thousand thank you to my beautiful Kim, perfect actress and amazing supportive friend. Thank you to my dear Annick for showing us around, and Gérard Pons for demonstrate a beautiful session of serigraphy.

I love create content like this, so if you have any idea or if you liked it, let me know 😉

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