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Elizabeth Gaddriver-rose-13

There is a lot of beauty in contrasts. Beauty from pain, from joy. From shadow and from light. Put together, some pictures which contrasts with each others, which is making them even beautifuler. It reveals them. Like white emphasizes black, the tragedy sublimates the happiness, etc. A thing can’t really exist without its antithesis, its opposite, which showcasing it. It’s the same about those pictures. I adore them alone, but I love them even more combine together. ♥


1 Elizabeth Gadd’s photograph
2 Music movie “River Rose” from Dan Sartain x Free People
3 Jewel’s tree, Heart not included boutique on Etsy 
4 Keira Knightley GQ’s cover, january 2012 (adoration vibe)
5 Wedding’s pix from Élodie and Olivier, Green Wedding Shoes website
6 Jennifer Lawrence for Glamour UK, january 2012 (adoration 2.0 vibe)
 First edition of Prettinessday here

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  1. Floortje says:

    Wow amazing pics! Love the post hun!

    I have a Thierry Mugler give-away on my blog because of the 4 years birthday of my blog, you may like it!


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