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Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to be invited at the press’ presentation of spring/winter 2015‘s new collections of Galeries Lafayette. It happened in Paris (of course !) and it was really cool !


I asked myself the same question before I went there. It was the first time, so I wondered how it will be, what I will see there, etc. Actually it is a presentation of significant pieces which illustrate the major trends of next spring-summer collections. Pieces which will be sold in the Galeries, obviously. Journalists, writers, this kind of people are invited. They were used to it, I can tell. They spoke quietly while I was jumping around, touching every fabric and cloth ! The presentation was settle for the entire day, so there was a very goooood caterer service ! When I was about to leave this so-great summer atmosphere and come back to a boring grey day by taking back my coat of the cloakroom, someone gave me a bag full of magazines and little gifts ! Ôoo boy I was so thrill ! Bouncy elf mode for the rest of the day. And there also was a little summary book of the future trends, and I though it was really amazing !

In the first room, there was a part of the next Version Originale collection of the Galeries Lafayette, which was created for the first time in collaboration with a couple of fashion designer, Marius et Léonie. After I went to a room where I saw a makeup presentation, and it was really beautiful, in a galaxy decor ! There was a Calvin Klein‘s range of makeup products, sold in Marionnaud which I didn’t know at all. The products seem really alright, it is pure, simple, and from good quality. I can really recommend it for at least the lipsticks because I had one in the gifts bag hiii ♥ Calvin Klein will launch some summer products too in limited edition, and it will be sold only in Galeries ! It is fresh, pure, “focus” and it was I like about it 🙂


In this room I also saw different shades of next nail varnish and some accessories like head-bands, brushes, and makeup cases; all from Lafayette Beauté. In the next room I just lost my mind, with all the shinny clothes, all brand new in a summer atmosphere. A pix of swimming pool was covering the floor and the lights gave the impression to be just beside the sea, it was so refreshing !

There were some different spaces to settle the big trends which will be launched in the early spring. The pieces are from many brands, from small to large budgets, and are tidied up by themes.


A lot of things I like ! About the colors, it will be a pastels explosion, with a hug amount of yellow (very often matched with blue, you know like in the 60’s), a lot of white, and also many “unicorn” gradations, in a bluepurplegreenpink mode. It will be the big return of the sea punk trend, that we saw like two years ago. With many holograms, shinning fabrics, reflecting scales, for clothes but also for shoes and accessories ! Sparkling everywhere next season, but not any sparkle… colorful sparkling !

Then for the shape, a lot of pieces reminded me the 80’s. There will be a lot of summer coats like parka, light trench…in pastels ! Baby blue, light pink, with a lot of transparence. The second cloth very important will be the sport sweat ! Very often it will be short, and almost every time covered by embroideries. Love it !


And for the fabrics, a lot of synthetics, obviously for the clothes to be full of reflections. And I also noticed a come back to basics fabrics : total look denim, leather ensemble, all cotton… And many embroideries too, but not like jewelry this time, more like exotics drawings sewed, bid flowers, birds ! On boyfriend jean, jackets…

To summarize, it was a great time for me, and the future trends that we’ll see arrive near march will please me a lot 🙂 it will be very colorful, soft, shining brightly, and the clothes will be like jewelry ! It reminds me a lot what I did for my fashion show during my second year of fashion design school, I embroidered pearls and swarovski to form jewelries and then I sewed it on capes, pants, tops… ohoh I was so innovative (throwing flowers to myself!) (I’m kidding). So, basically, the trend I noticed the most was the sport-galaxy-feminine one, very easy, full of sparkling, and childish colors ! Want some want some.

So, are you looking forward to see this new trends ? Do you think you’ll follow one along ? ♥




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  1. Dianne says:

    Love that flower headband

  2. AC says:

    yes me too 🙂

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