Petit Bao

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116th Saint-Denis street, 2nd arrondissement, Paris.

Petit Bao is an authentic chinese restaurant, serving homemade dishes with a big smile. Its specialty ? Shanghai dishes, and especially the bao, ravioli stuffed (with meat or vegetables) and full of bouillon.

I like everything over there : the great staff always willing to help, the minimalist and cosy decor, the lemon water offered when you arrive, and most of all the cooking that I would define as divine (yes, just that).

I never tasted a bao before, and it’s a revelation. The paste is so fine, and the traditional way of eating it, is very funny for me 🙂 the advice is to pierce the ravioli, to drink the bouillon before eating it. It’s SO GOOD. I’m never gonna be tired of it.

Prices are affordable considering the quality of the menu. One or two additional bao in the little baskets would be great, but as it’s very delicate cuisine, I can understand the choice of the price : so you consciously enjoy it !

The idea of this restaurant is to eat like in China, by sharing food ! So the best is to order few stuff and to eat all together. I love a variety of tastes, so I really enjoy this vision of a meal.

I advice you to taste the spicy eggplants, it’s colorful and delicious ! (picture below)

Also, go there early, as it’s always almost full. Hope to hear you reviews about this gem of a restaurent soon, and Bon Appétit ! 😉

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