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I can not say I don’t have the words. I have plenty of them; maybe not the right ones, but I have. They come in the morning when I wake up and remember. They run into my mind in the subway, when I look at you all. They are by my side at work, all day long. This is why I don’t believe in destiny or any God. Because of this kind of events. To leave like this, it can’t be written. It can’t be a part of whatever plan. Like everyone else, I’m thinking of everyone who left, of their families, their friends, every person who knew them. I’m thinking of the muslims who, in addition to suffer of all this, have probably to worry about amalgams which will be made by scared and uneducated people.

I am a part of those incredibly lucky people who didn’t lost anyone on friday. Except I did.

I lost 130 brothers and sisters.


We all have a friend’s friend who died this friday. Last weekend we all lost something really important, France and Paris’ spirit itself : our joie de vivre. This is so us that even in english we say it the same way ! After Charlie events, we felt a threat on our right to freedom of expression… Today, it is on our right to be happy. What represents more the joie de vivre than dancing at a concert ? Enjoy a sport game, eating outside ? They tarnished all that.

They want us to feel afraid. To be scared to do what we love, to feel the happiness. Scared to love each other. The fear is a natural emotion; it belongs to our survival-instincts package. But with it, we survive indeed… we are not living. By the way, don’t always trust anything on the news, take some time for your family and yourself by turning off the tv, the radio, Facebook. Give yourself some time to think how you, how we could make the world better at our level. Here in Paris, in my country, in my dear city, for now we need to heal. The better thing to do for us now is what we are the best for.

Let’s rebuild our broken hearts by dancing, let’s dry our tears by laughing out loud, let’s fill up with love until we die ! ♥


I never saw my country as welded as now. People open their doors, their arms, their hearts. All generations, all origins, all lifestyles together. And it’s beautiful. I think about you all. I think about us. I think about all those countries who are living the same horror for so long. My poor drawer talents help me this weekend; to forget the pain for few minutes, to make my heart mute… it’s my symbol of peace-eiffel-tower.

I love you. I love us.

I send you tones of love, with all my heart which’s full of it… and I send my entire heart to my friend, who lost a member of her family.

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