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Pachamama means the “mother earth” for natives from South American. It’s the earth goddess, a spirituality, a way of living. I found out all this in Peru, and it’s a such important concept of me that I had it tattooed on my side when I was in Argentina. My outfit wasn’t quite practical to show off my tattoo so it will be for next time !

To not live on earth, but with it


It’s the idea. What the earth gives us, one day we have to give it back. To realize that, to respect nature in all its forms, it is live in harmony with what surrounds us. The environment doesn’t have to adapt to us; we have to adapt to it. It’s not an easy thing to do, I know it. We live in our big cities, and there is no much we can do, except run away to be autarkic. But little gesture, like taking care of our garden, sorting the garbage, paying attention to our water and electricity consumption, can little by little making a difference. It’s the least we can do, isn’t it ?trois_DSC3894_DSC3945i_DSC3961



It can’t be a better place than a Creuse’s forest to illustrate what I mean. It is a preserved nature, wild, even mystical. It really commands the respect. Besides, there are a lot of legends which take places where I did this shoot. The table where I stand, with the engraved symbol, is called the fairies’ table… it highlights the magic side even more ! I know it will sound really crazy, but when I’m touching the tree bark, sometimes, I can feel its energy. I feel I’m made of this too, I am from this nature. So for this shooting I wanted an outfit which can possibly mergers with the forest, without chocking in this deep, nuanced landscape. So what is better than a Free People outfit for that ?! (rhetorical question of course, since I’m such a FP groupie !)

Dressunder-dressPonchoBoots (similar) and Harm band Free People 

Other bracelet from a market in Bali, Rings I am and Carnac, Necklace from a mineral’s shop in Argentina

I hope I succeed to bring you this feeling of magic in my pictures. I love the forest, as I told you in my last article about it. I feel great in there, and I regret to not be able to escape like that when I’m near Paris. This bond with nature, I always feel it, even when I’m living in the city since I was born. Maybe I was like a wood’s creature in another life, who knows 😉 Anyway, it is my idea, my vision of life, Pachamama. It’s engraved in me forever. I let you with all this sun, those trees, this river, my universe ! 


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  1. I love the left one with the fine lines. The other one i would really like on a guy!

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