Nomad Stories #1 : Camille, pastry chef in Bath

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I see a lot of us searching for advices, lived experiences, some courage, to find the strength to make their dreams come TRUE ! It’s to INSPIRE and help you down this path that I’m launching this new kind of interview videos, to bring inspiring stories directly to YOU.

This is the first episode of what I decided to call, Nomad Stories. English subtitles available !

Here is Camille, 25 years old, french girl from Bretagne, and now Brigit Bakery‘s manager Bath, England. When I said on snapchat that I was about to wander around UK, she nicely asked me to come to her bakery. We spent a great time !

I asked her few questions that you might find interesting. If you have any other in mind, please ask and I will try to answer after seeing with her. And if you have other questions that you would like to see answered during the next interview, ASK in the comments 😉 


A huge THANK YOU to Camille who was the cutest, the nicest and so interesting !

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