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One of the biggest problem in our society for me, especially in cities, is that we forgot how to feel something. We don’t see the point anymore of feeling something, because everything tells us what we “need” : TV, radio, newspapers, social networks… We don’t have to trust our instincts or intuitions anymore. Life is going incredibly fast, always stronger-always faster. When something is growing in us, we try to dissect this feeling, to understand it with our brain. Instead of just feel it, and live it.

By trying to analyze a emotion, we try to compare it with our past or to picture its future. Instead of completely let go and enjoy it in the moment, we absolutely want to understand where it comes from, and why. So we kind of loose it. We run from it, and we don’t enjoy it. It’s too bad.

I’m not sure I’m being very clear here. But at least I tried to send you a little message 😉

Just live, okay ? Don’t wait telling yourself that one day, it will be “better”. Stop intellectualize everything. Of course thinking is great. It’s something very precious. But in some situations it takes all the space and we forgot without even knowing how to follow our instincts, our emotions, and sometimes even our hearts. By trusting ourselves to know what we really need. And not what “we should” need. Live now. Futur and past don’t really exist.; all we have is the present. So enjoy it.

To understand better what I’m rumbling about, if you are interest by it of course, I advice you to read “The power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s pretty revealing.



Otherwise, this photo shoot in Creuse -from long time ago I confess- made me realize how much I’m not photogenic. But really, I’m so not good on pictures. Too bad for me haha ! BUT, those littles white flowers which were growing like everywhere are so pretty… it was like a fairytale. I love forest so much !

Necklace Free People / ∴ Dress Free People ∴ / Bracelet vintage / Boots André

Pix taken by Baptiste


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  1. I love your reflections on living & not over analyzing everything. Beautiful photographs & styling too. Thank you for sharing ♥

    Xoxo, Shelly

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