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Here is the itinerary of my two weeks in Myanmar. Of course you can take more time to do it, and add some stop on the way… But it’s an idea.


Friendship Bridge

I enter and left the country by this point. For the environment, the locals, my savings, and my nerves, I always tend to prefer walking or taking public transport rather than the place. And, it feels more than an “adventure” !


Also called Yangon, economic capital and biggest city of Myanmar. Very polluted, noisy and crowded, but the big pagoda of Shwedagon worths it. It’s shinny ! There are also nice restaurants in the city, but if you are in a hurry, I will stay over there for too long 🙂


Bagan is a beautiful archeologic site, with a little town in the middle. It’s full of temples that we can climb. I loved all the ruins, its E-bike very easy to drive and its delicious vegetarian restaurant (go to The Moon !). It’s very nice to wander around.


Known for its U Bein Bridge that we can see on every pictures, and which is the longer teck bridge of the world : 1,2 kilometers ! Nice for sunset, but even better for sunrise, when it’s not too full 🙂 I didn’t like Mandalay that much, but I appreciated its surroundings : a lot of waterfalls and hidden natural pools.

Train between Mandalay and Hsipaw

Not much to see in Hsipaw, but people are going there to enjoy the 8-hours ride from Mandalay. This train passes on a huge viaduct, and runs across plenty of villages, the jungle, and breath-taking landscapes ! We feel like into The Jungle Book, I loved it ! It has been my favorite thing in Burma. And for only 5$ in upper class.

Inle Lake  Nyaungshwe town)

Crush alert, so many things to do around Inle Lake… Boat tour, floating villages, walk into the jungle, seek some natural pools, visit factories of cigars, clothes, jewelry… drink win in the mountain vineyards; be aware, I didn’t write “tast” win… haha. I went 3 times to Red Mountains for it. The view is amazing, cheeses not that bad, but for the wines, I can give you some tips : Inle rosé is kind of OK, the Pinot noir is a terrible, but their Muscat is quite good 😉 Most of travelers go to Inle by 2 or 3 days treks by the way.

Hpa An

City close to the mountains and the thai border, known for its trekking paths, its Golden Rock, and its monasteries on the top. There are also a lot of caves around. But not easy to see all that if it’s rainy season.


I hope that this itinerary gave you a little idea of your futur trip Please share your tips below !

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