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This week I wanted to share with you my Etsy lovings, to maybe make you discover pretty boutiques, if you didn’t know them already 😉

taylorceramics : a little boutique very promising according to me ! It’s full of sober and clever porcelain stuff. Just loved this cone vase, ’cause I’m really into succulent plants right now for my home, so I dream about this little thing !

confettiriotshop : here, a lot of linens, little clutches and other small dishes, all hand-painted; prints are so cute and minimalist, love it ! When I saw this cloth covered of small cactus, I melted.

wildandfreejewelry : this one is really my big crush ! I go check very often to please my eyes with their gorgeous head-bands, which are usually more originals than the others we can see on internet… look this one with starfishes, it’s so cool ! They also sell custom-made boots with lace, leather, ethnic fabric… and I confess it’s so tempting ! But I think they cost like 300$… ouch, no way !


lessandmore : if you are going on Etsy regularly, you must have seen less and more at one point, because it rules on the wonderful universe of minimalist wood storage. The products are from Austria, there aren’t a lot and they’re pretty expensive, but god are they looking great ! This wood vase with flowers is such a great idea !

turquoisecrush : I think that dream catcher jewelry are pretty all the same, so when I saw those bracelets, I love it right away ! They are so beautiful, I want them all. The boutique also sell pretty turbans and some other stuff. Give yourself a treat !

shovava : I’d like to buy one of their scarfs one day, just to take photos with it ’cause it’s so unique and beautiful. It’s an australian designer who came up with this idea of scarf with colored plumage; she has a lot of different shades, and the effect is amazing every time ! 🙂

boutiqueminimaliste : since few months I have a thing for jewelry with gems and crystals. I think it’s really my style, it’s kind of magic, mysterious, bohemian. This boutique is full of things like that, it’s a torture for me, especially when I saw those necklaces with gold quartz (it’s called “citrines”). Among other things, you can also find in this shop tones and tones of gorgeous jewelry, very fine and classic. And their pix are the woooorst, they put few products together, it’s so pretty, you want them all !

So maybe you’ll have some buying inspiration for february; do whatever you want with it 😉 and tell me if you bought anything ♥

ps : dear not-french readers, can you tell me if the links are okay ? are they working ? ’cause it’s Etsy FR so… let me know, thank you ! 

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