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When I was a kid I told myself I will never be pierced or tattooed and change my hair… that I will let my body as it is, “natural”.

Then I grew up, I wanted to express myself by using it as a tool, like a canvas. I feel like I never stop changing, so my body is following my moods and personalities 🙂 to finally find out what it is the more natural for me. And it’s to be red hair by the way !

I had blue and green hair, deep dark, platinum blond, red, boy short, straight, curly, a bang… Right now my strawberry blond curls know their shade accentuate by henna. It’s this way I feel the more “myself”. Now the only thing my hair misses is length. I want to feel it fall on my back and see a wild mop of hair in the mirror 😉


I have been ask to test the « Hairfinity » treatment; it supposes to make my hair grows very fast, and I think it can appeal some of you guys ! I’m looking forward to see if it works !

In my Hairfinity’s package, there are :

  • a sparkling brush (not usually my thing, but this is shinny so… it is so attractive for me !)
  • three products : a shampoo, a conditioner and a mask which have a very sugary smell, like caramel. Not really fan of this smells, ’cause it’s kind of very chemical…
  • little pills considered as vitamins, with the taste of brewery yeast (which is known to make nails and hair stronger). I don’t like to eat those kind of things but it’s just for three months, and the feedback of the treatment are so good, I want to try 🙂
  • a graduated top to note the evolution of the growth. It’s a smart idea !


So here is the first month of testing !

Pretty amazing results right ? My hair is more thick, more strong… I’m so happy about this !! I’m even  impressed 🙂 The change is so great that even my hairdresser asked me about Hairfinity to check it out ! Knowing how it’s hard to please a parisian hairdresser, it’s pretty remarkable…

What do you think ? See you next month to see the next step 😉

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