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Each new season is like a new start : winter with new year eve, spring with the come back of the sun and the big cleaning, summer with the end of the “school year”, and autumn with the end of holidays and for many of us, a new start in school.

Even if autumn is really here since a while, I wanted to do my little autumn bucket list. I like lists, I have a lot, but I never did a list based on season ! I think it’s a pretty cool theme; when you’re thinking about it, it’s more natural that on the calendar date. It allows to be kind of a little in line with cycles of nature and life ! Aw so beautiful ! So, here is my autumn bucket list. I’ll write down here each season bucket list I will do, who knows, maybe it will inspire you to do yours 


Discover something new each week is frightening at first, but in reality, people do it without paying attention ! For me it is learning to cook pumpkins (and bam, other thing done ! hihi), pick up mushrooms in the forest, go to a concert in La Sorbonne… It’s kind of easy after all ! On the other hand, for me it’s more difficult to really take the time to do things. To cook a really good meal, to savor it quietly, to draw patiently without quitting at each crossings-out…

I am neither patient or constant (so I don’t wearing my name well !). At the contrary, I’m always moving, changing, it’s hard for me to stay calm for long. I’m a bit extreme and intense, et that’s why find my balance is really the most important thing on my list.

I miss walking in the woods. I’d like to do it more, to calm down and disconnect a little bit. Besides, all green will disappeared soon and I have to go before all leaves fall down ! To sell my useless things to refine my interior, it’s important too. Like my bed where I never sleep… I’d rather sleep on my couch, more comfy. Finally, achieve to do an headstand without the wall behind me, it’s a great goal ! I’m almost there, I had to work hard. Surprisingly, I noticed that I feel super good just after spend few times upside down !

What’s on your autumn bucket list? Do you have on? Bixx ♥





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