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I spent a bit more than two weeks in Andalusia; it was so beautiful, so clean, so authentic, I loved it ! I’m a slow-traveler so I took my time and I didn’t do all the stops I’m gonna to advice 😉 anyway, here’s the route I more or less did, which is awesome (there’s also way more national parks to see).

For more beautiful pictures of Andalusia, click here


My first stop (Paris -> Granada, 31h by train/bus). It’s a very nice city, in particular the old part of town, who was jewish once upon a time : la Judería. We feel the mix of cultures here, from the Moors domination which last for many centuries; in the tiny alleys of the city center, you’re like in another world, a fusion between the souks and provence streets. I loved this atmosphere, so warm ad colorful !

To do/To see :

  • the Alhambra (meaning “the red” in arabic), magnificent complex of palaces, my favorite tour in Andalusia. Think to book in advance online, otherwise you can’t visit it.
  • Granada’s cathedrale, very impressive
  • walking around la Judería
  • go for a trek in the national park of la Sierra Nevada, under the snow in winter, hot and dry in summer. Beautiful walk, a bit of a workout, with nice viewpoints and desert-likehorizons, looking like moonscapes. Picture below 🙂

Addresses : 

  • Arrayanes : moroccan restaurant, so so so good ! Big yummy moment.
  • Oasis Backpackers Hostel : big hostel with nice activities ! But fiesta and sangria all the way, so it’s not the good place if you want to rest 😉


Nice little seaside town of Costa del Sol, perfect to chill surrounded by spanish families. Cute tiny beaches, little shopping alleys and nice view from the center.

To do/To see :

  • have a walk on the “Balcon de l’Europe” (=Europe’s balcony), beautiful mirador with an amazing view on the ocean, mountains and hotels (pic below).
  • enjoy the tiny beaches with the so-warm ocean
  • explore the caves


I spent only 3 hours there, time I had to get off my bus, walk through the city and find my BlablaCar. But I really liked this moment !

I very randomly passed by la Calle Lagunillas, full of street art. It was amazing ! I know there’re also a lot of palaces and castles to see in Málaga, but wander around its old part was enough for me.

If you ever crave for a hot chocolate, you should go to Café de la Abuela. They made it like in Italy, with a bit of milk… an the rest is chocolate squares just melted in the cup.Yummy !


Didn’t have the chance to go ! Stay over there is expensive, and it’s not spanish, but british, so a lot of changes of transportation were needed… and with my huge backpack under the burning sun, I got lazy. But it’s still on my list and I think it worths it 😉

To do/To see :

  • walk through the airport lane : you have to pass that way when you reach Gibraltar by foot. Seems really impressive and a cool thing to do 🙂
  • harbor with its shops and several boats
  • visit the caves, apparently really nice and clean
  • take the boat to spend a day-or more in Tanger, Morocco. Which we apparently see from the top of Gibraltar rock.


Cadiz, or the perfect place to slow down and chill. Clean city, very long beaches, very touristic but there’s way enough space. Nice shops and restaurants, cool market every morning. You can surf, paddle, ride a horse, visit the historical center, or just do nothing at all.

Addresses :

  • to sleep-> Cara Caracol !! One of the best hostel I stayed in ! A bit expensive, but in the prices of the area. Hammocks on the roof, great family diners, a lot of activities (and massages), super nice atmosphère.
  • to eat -> La Tapería de Columela. Amazing tinto de verano (sparkly “summer wine”), delicious tapas, hot bread, and little prices. Went there few times with my friends to share a meal, and we spent at top around 7$ by person !


I stayed just one day in Sevilla… I know it’s a shame, but it was sooo hot ! And my hostel was kind of a party-hostel, which I didn’t really care for. Luckily, I met an adorable couple of Canadian there; they really made my day, and we watched the beautiful lunar eclipse together ♥ That being said, the city is full of nice things to see and visit 😉

To do/To see :

  • The Alcázar of course, with its entry quite hard to find… Very nice monuments, with a great work on the rocks, beautiful mosaïques and great gardens (pic of a detail I really loved below)
  • Maria Luisa Park, quiet et like a fairytale
  • Casa de Pilatos : white aristocratic palace in the historical center


I loved Córdoba : so clean, so beautiful, so majestic ! Huge bridges, rivers and castles… byt theway, few Got scenes were shoot there 😉 it’s nice to spend at least 2 days in the city, to enjoy the chill lifestyle fully.

To do/To see/Addresses :

  • the Alcazar of christian kings : garden ensemble, so vaste and beautiful. We want to (and can) seat there with a book for hours. Flowers everywhere, sounds of birds…. go there in the morning, to enjoy the quiet !
  • the Mosque-Cathedral, perfect mix of architectures, with its magnificiant patio (“patio de los naranjos”)
  • All the patios (=courtyards) of the city, with their fountains and warm tones colonnes.
  • watch a sunset near the river, ideally near la Torre de la Calahorra
  • yummy -> La Bicicleta, healthy restaurant, cheap and sooo delicious !


And there it is for my itinerary in Andalusia ! I hope this is gonna help you to visit this great place of Spain 😉 For more pictures of my journey, click here or see you on my instagram ♥


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