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This is it. It’s done. I’ve changed my life.

I quit my job (even if I liked it somehow) to run after my dreams. After 11 months of this great experience, I felt it was time to move on to something else. My life totally changed in one year. I totally changed.

And this blog will, too. Because it has to follow my path 🙂 I’m sorry for all this months of inactivity. This used to make me so happy ! I missed it so much. Obviously, it’s scary as hell to be so free. But sincerely it feels so good. It is what I always wanted<3 and even if it sounds like a big jump in the unknown… I’m so ready to fly now !

All this changes of environment, lifestyle, this shifts of personality, style and visions make me think about personal life evolution. How do we evolve ? Are those experiences giving a new push to our existence ? Can we decide to change ? Or is it just happening when we are ready ?

Does it mean we are growing up ? Is it some kind of progress ?


Tunic Free People / Jeans Free People / Cuff Free People / Armband Free People / Necklace Shop Dixi

To me, the perfect brand to express this feeling of freedom is without contest Free People. In their clothes, I’m just my true self. And no, this post isn’t sponsored. 90% of my closet is Free People. What they sell represents so much what I love in life that is easy for me to talk about it with passion 😉

To get back to our subject, I think I’m not a girl, not yet a woman (#britneylove lol). I’m autonomous, I can choose my choices, but I’m always searching for myself and I don’t know what I want in the same time. Like a lot of you (♥). Maybe we never stop growing up, all our life. We’ll see !

Change does it mean we progress ? Is it always good ? I wanna say that every change, good or bad, is a mark of progress. There is a weird quote that say that life is like bicycle; if you don’t go forward, you fall. I also understand that you have to pedal off, so, more or less have a hard time haha. No pain no gain, right ?


Pics by Gabrielle ♥ (her fb)

I think that changes belong to each and everyone of us. It’s very personal. There is no perfect rule, no recurrent pattern. Some evolve fast and constantly; other turn into something else in little steps. In any case, even if it’s hard to change everything, I think it’s for the best. Life is this way. If it was easy, we’d know it !

And we can be glad. It’s kind of beautiful how things change. Even if we are broken three, ten, a thousand times. Each experience makes us grow, everything on the way give us to possibility to become the real us. We can choose to change; and sometimes, life just happens. Oh god so much philosophy today 🙂

Enjoy your life 


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    You have penetrant and lovely eyes, girl!

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