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Oh my. I know, I post here once every blue moon; and it’s in a hurry. I’ve to say I don’t have a minute for myself right now. But I’ll be more organize very soon, I promise !

Here are some little things I bought to decorate my tiny home. Pictures are not at their best, I confess, but I think products can have interest for you anyway 😉


Alusi Candle ∴ : I found out about this candle’s brand few times ago, and the concept is so innovating ! Alusi candles are multi-flammes : when the first wick burns, thanks to its clever design, the candle divides itself in two, sometime three parts. It results that it burns differently until it’s the end. It’s magic ! It exists in a lot of different design, all very architectural. It also can be red, black, or white; very great possibilities for a candles in my opinion !

For the pic I put the candle right on my furniture; don’t do that at home, it has to be on a noninflammable support, because it melts. The positive point : its quality. It’s made of “food-waxe” and the wicks are in fibers; it’s rare to find candles so conscious ! It’s great.

(Behind, you can see my moodboard of this weeks)



Modcloth candlestick : I treat myself with a cheap gift here ! The candlestick is very design, light, I liked its metal pink color, and the “holder” (is it the right word guys ?) is in diamond-shape. This is very useful as I light up several candles everywhere all the time in my place; and as this candlestick brings the candles a little higher than the others, it gives a little bit of relief at the queue of flames which burn in my living room 🙂

Birds Carrousel Candlestick, Nature & Découvertes : A little gift from my Mum. When we place a candle inside, the bird-carroussel begins to turn and it projects very beautiful shadows on my wall. I love it, it’s very soothing.


Succulent plants babies, Truffaut : Of course this is not plant babies, but tiny plants 🙂 I placed them in height between two bigger plants; it’s like a miniature vision of my hanging garden dream ! The only problem between interior plants and myself is, as I spend my entire life running I don’t remember to give them water very often… but they survived until now 😉

And theeere it is for this post who spent like 3 weeks as a draft, even if it’s so short ! I’m doing my best to organize my life and make room for everything… Few pretty fashion posts are coming soon, I promise ! (like, for real !)

Thank you so much for your support in each one of my project ♥

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