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Did you ever heard of Hylla, the shared wardrobe? Probably not yet because it happens only in France for now. It’s a really nice project which stands against fashion waste. It was created by Céline and Amandine, two girls very fond of ethic fashion.

I met Céline a year and a half ago during a party organized by a friend. I met him first in a karaoke in Copenhagen (yes I know ! :D). It’s the kind of awesome hazard. She began very fast to told me about her desire to create an ethic company, inspired by what she saw in Germany, especially about clothing rental which is very common there. Few time later she met Amandine and in Mars this year, their beautiful projet was born.

My cute Céline preparing Hylla corner in the Improbable restaurant (Paris, Marais area)_mg_0569

Hylla is a “shared closet”. What is that ? It gives you the chance to rent, for a ridiculously little price, clothes for a month. Instead of wearing it two/three times, then bury it in your closet. Hylla have a lot of colorful pieces, really unique and for most of them vintage.

But WHY is it better to rent than to buy ?

  • we save money; invest 5$ in a Hylla skirt for a party, it’s way more fun than buying it 30$ in H&M. And to probably run into a girl who wears the same.
  • we also save space and stay away from accumulation. We give back the piece after one month, for the girls to enjoy it themselves.
  • we are not uniformed. No chance to see a girl dressed like you, as the clothes are second-hand.
  • it is like recycling; a responsible consumption, which is better a every point of view, human like for the environment. So if you’d like to improve your lifestyle, it can be a great alternative on the fashion level 🙂
  • sharing is caring. It’s pretty cool !

If every body would rent existing clothes instead of buying new things to always have more, the planet will be better. And people too. Less pollution, exploitation, money spent in fashion which, let’s be honest, is not one of our vital need. And I’m a fashion designer !


With months, Hylla is growing; more and more women are attracted by the values and spirit of a shared wardrobe. A lot of events are organized in very cool places, to meet Céline and Amandine and discuss of the project; it’s by the way the occasion to look at the clothes and rent some. It would be a great way to give your support to the project, which will have a beautiful website soon 😉

If you want to know more about slow fashion, the future monthly rental of Hylla, the next steps of the project… here are the link to inform you. They explain everything way better than me 😉 Have a great week ! ♥

Facebook / Hylla website


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