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Like in all capital cities, London owns a lot of restaurants. These days, I want to eat healthy and really integrate this way on the long run in my everyday life. Travelling is no longer an excuse, as I’m on the road most of the time anyway 🙂

I searched for healthy/veggie restaurants in London. Of course we can eat vegetarian and fat, and also eat healthy and being omnivorous. Here, what I wanted was to eat good and healthy stuff. I know it’s possible to eat this way on the street, but I wanted to please myself (while eating microwave pocket the rest of the time haha);

So here are some healthy -and sometimes veggie- restaurants you can find in London !


I would say this is anglo-peruvian cuisine. It’s healthy and delicious; to be honest the portions are a bit small for the price, at least for breakfast. But meals are colorful and unique; I loved it !

Price : average 15‎-20£.

Adresses : 1 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch ; 31 Great Windmill Street, Soho.


A veggie buffet with balanced recipes. We pay our plate according to its weight, and there is a huge variety of worldwide cuisine, revisited veggie-style. It was great, I loved loved loved it. Good news for our Suisse friends, there are many Tibits in your country !

Price : 15£ for a big full plate.

Adresses : 124 Southwark Street; 14 Heddon Street, off Regent Street.

Wild Food Cafe

Their street is colorful and so cute; like their meals. The food is not only vegetarian and organic, but also fresh (almost no proceed food) and… raw ! Everything comes from sustainable places and little producers. They’re really going into it, and I find it wonderful.

Price : av. 15£

Adresses : 1st Floor, 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.


Vegetarian restaurants with a lot of vegan option (included cheese…yummy !). Few fast-food specials done in a healthy way. Recipes that everyone should like, even the fan of meats !

Price : 15/20£

Adresses : 45 Lexington street, Soho; 9 Jamestown Road, Camden; 200 Pentonville Road; 1 Dalston Square.


I’ll probably add some adresses in the futur… and I also have a post about healthy restaurants of Paris in progress 😉

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