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Here is my second post about Fall/Winter 14-15 trends ! To see the first one, it’s here ! Today, I write about two trends, maybe my fav’ for the winter : flowers embroideries and prints, and faux fur ! ♥


I think it is a timeless trend; it arrived in my dressing with my travels, and never left. It brings colors, energy, and happiness to any look ! We see ethnic prints/embroideries in every stores since few years; each time, it’s the prints origin which changes. Africans, South-Americans, Asians… this winter, for me it’s the Eastern Europe prints which are very strong, with flowers of any kind, to transform us in pretty russian dolls !

20141123122550 Capture d’écran 2014-11-23 à 18.30.24 image1xxl


I’m happy that faux fur is more fashionable right now than the true one. “Faux” is a french word by the way 🙂 it means “false/fake”. I’m totally against the fact of using animal’s skin to dress, except when you haven’t another choice. We find a lot of faux fur this season in stores, especially on sleeveless jacket and straight coat. And it has a lot of textures, because what I mean by “faux fur” is also all this soft and fluffy fabrics. We can wear it in many ways : hippy style, glamour, very classy… and it exists in a lot of colors and prints. There is a lot of it in leopard print for example.

image4xxl 32796781_020_c 00100957-02

Hope my little selection help you find inspiration ! What is your favorite trend by now ? 

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  1. I love this 🙂 these are 2 of my favorite fall/winter fashions also! Keep up the awesome work <3

    Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show

  2. I agree! I love this whole faux fur thing… especially that it is fake. It looks so glamorous yet very bohemian. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


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