F/W Trends (part 1/3)

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I really wanted to put on paper the trends I noticed for this “fashioned” fall/winter season. We can change of brands, budget, continent, the same styles are everywhere ! Hence, the word “trend”, actually. We all tend to the same things 😉 I think I will divide this article in 3 parts, for a matter of time first, but also because maybe it is more nice for you to read little by little… I don’t know at all, tell me !



Pink coat is so hot right now for outwear clothing. We see it in every way, short, long, thin or padded, with or without collar. It exists in several pale pink, but except if you consider the difference between carnation pink and lavender pink vital, it’s more or less the same tone hihi ! Its style is pretty modern and elegant, even if I prefer it the boyish way, with a minimalist shape very androgyne like ! Here is a little selection I made for you, you’ll tell me if you find your happiness ! Click on it to go on the website concerned.

image4xxl copieCOatco


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Midi in french, means noon in english. It’s from latin I think. Noon is the “middle” of a day. For the skirt it’s the same, the hem arrive at the middle of the leg ! Not short, not long, just between. It’s not easy to wear because we lost the habit of this kind of skirt ! Not so long time ago, this length not very frank was considered as really old-fashioned.  But actually I think that a lot of very cool styles are possible with this skirt, you just have to pay attention of its fabric and its shape because very often, it will “decide” its style ! It can be bodycon and glamourous, pleated and vintage, light and indie… Here are some examples of outfits I like, with the links 😉


I really wanted to thank you all for your adorable comments ! It cheers me up, thank you a lot guys ! And as you know I’m french, so if you see some mistakes in my writing, tell me please ! I see you next time for the others trends and some articles ! 

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  1. Courtney says:

    Am loving both trends at the moment, and I love that red skirt!!
    XO Color Me Courtney

    Dress Outside The Lines

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