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When we’re young adult (yes I don’t picture myself as an adult, I’m completely in denial haha), we ask ourselves a lot of questions about the after. About our future. About what we are suppose to do.

Who are we gonna be ? What do we have to build ? Where are we gonna live ? Do we have to start now ? Can we wait for a while ?

Since I left France and exchange my everyday life against a following of discoveries, all those questions in my mind disappeared.

Each day is a new future, a new chance to begin something. I live day by day, my mind full of dreams, and I can’t explain how and why. I have so many paths to take, and it’s like my way is gonna appear on its own, without effort. I’m full of plans, and I feel like life will naturally lead me to something I will love.

I would like to design jewelry in moons shapes, rocks shapes, plants shapes, close to the elements and to nature, without them to be hugely expensive.

I would love to have a franchise a very cool guesthouse across the world, where everything would be build in wood, yoga classes would always be an option available and comfy beds and animals company would be something you always find there.

I would like to be a healing yoga teacher, and help people by teaching them this thing I love so much. For the first time I realize this is something I could actually do, this kind of training. To really help people.

I would love to design clothes in Bali. To dance around all day with my pencils and my needles, to have my little store of clothes for surf and yoga but also chill outfits for the after practice. With beautiful wood surf boards hanging on the walls.

I would dream to have my company of van renovation. To build little houses on wheels for all the travelers who want to keep their home while discovering the world. They would be colorful and vintage, Woodstock inspired and cover of mandalas (#clichéIloveya).

I would like to be a pole dance teacher in South America; they seem to have tones a great schools there too, and like that Vegas would be not that far for september convention 😉

I still dream to work for Free People. Write for their blog, design for them, or even better participate to their videos. All my actuals dreams began by this after all.

I would like to live from my blog. That it would be so good that it gives me the opportunity to travel even more, farer, longer, in very unique places that I’ll be able to show you.

I would like to inspire you. And to give you the strength to make your dreams come true, too  

Those pictures were taken in my favorite place on earth, in Toulon. I wanted to enjoy it one last time before I leave Julien Thorn photographed me. He’s so talented, and I hope one day he will be known for his gift. And I don’t say this because he’s my friend I swear 🙂

For this photoshoot, I just put on my favorite dress (from FP of course!), and we went on the shore. It’s after reading the comments about those pictures that we realize it really looked like inspired from “The little Mermaid“, who was my favorite heroine as a child. It wasn’t on purpose tho. Maybe deep down, we always become a little bit of what we love.

To see Julien’s work or to ask him something, it’s here ♥

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