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fitness + inspiration = fitspiration 

I’m currently trying to find my workout balance. And it’s not that easy between a tiring work and a lot of projects on the side !

The key to get back to workout and healthy lifestyle, is like for most of the things in life, actually : motivation. And where can we find it ? In inspiration. By taking for example things and people who represent our ideal, who give us the strength to achieve our goals. For me, a perfect example I want to follow in fitness is Ellie Goulding.

Ellie had never been skinny; and even if I don’t completely agree with her on her surgicals choices, when it comes to her training and her eating habits, she is really a wonderful source of inspiration ! Despite of what we could assume by her thin voice, she is strong, she is tough, and she is full of energy. I think she sends so positive vibration, with her childish smile. I think that’s why she was chosen by Nike for its last commercial. We can feel in her songs that she’s a combative one !

Running, fighting, pilates, Ellie seems to be comfortable in a lot of sports, and she’s posting very often pictures to motivate her fans on social networks. Little bonus, she workouts sometimes with her boo, and together I think they are one of the most cool couple of all times ! 😀

What about your fitspirations ? Who are they ?! ♥

pics found on FB, Insta Tumblr

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