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I barely was as excited by the end of the summer in Paris. Goodbye the heat of the subway, the clothes never too light, the powerful craving for the beach when you’re stuck in the traffic jam (I think this point will never end though 😉 !).

What does the end of summer represents for you..? For some is the whole come-back-to-school things, for others it’s a brand new bucket list… As I didn’t have a lot of holidays, this year for me it just means fashion liberation and more comfort for everyday. It’s not always really awesome to spend summer in Paris. Luckily, the crazy parties and the festivals are very helpful to handle it hehe.



∴ Dress Superdry ∴ / Necklace Cathy le Thanh / Vans 

To point the end of the era, I thought that those pictures would be great 🙂 just in front of my mini-manhattan (at the end of Paris) I’m spending hours and hours hanging here all week long… all the highness, even if it’s way less impressive than in USA, it soothes me.

I love this dress by the way; it feels like a princess in it, because the skirt is thick. It exists in many colors and prints, but I choose this one because it was a mix between vintage (thanks to the liberty) and modernity (because of the bright colors).



Some times ago, I add to my shopping wish list this wonderful necklace made by my friend Cathy. One of my friends saw it and offered it to me (thanks to my dearest Nouth ♥) It’s a fake crystal full of real flowers. It’s SO gorgeous ! There is just one necklace left in Cathy’s shop, so hurry up because it’s just to pretty 😉

This photo series was taken by my dear Gabrielle. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you need beautiful pictures, she is very flexible and has a lot of patience (she needs it with me !). Her fb page is here.

Hope you’ll have a wonderful week 


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