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It took me a lot of time to accept the duality of life. That someone good can do something bad. That people love something, and also the opposite. Everyone is full of contradictions, me first.  So I wanted to share some with you !

I also wanted to show you my last shooting. It’s my friend Clément who took them, and I think he’s putting a really good work… It was so fun ! He’s currently searching for modeles actually, and I know some of you must be interested ;). Here is his FB and his instagram.


List of my little contradictions

  • I was vegan, and I want to be again. But for now, when I see a steak, I run.
  • I love to travel with just a bag, not knowing where I will stay or sleep, with dust everywhere. But I’m going for spa weekend twice a year with swimming pool, massage, hamman, and well, doing nothing.
  • My favorite food ? Cheese. BUT I refuse to drink cow milk for years, because I feel it’s not good or natural for us. Say crazy…
  • I don’t like accumulation, I think you have to feel light, to not be attached to things. But apart from that, I keep my clothes since I’m 11. And my wardrobe is full of 14 years of clothes. Each one has a memorie, you know 🙂



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  • I love walking under the rain. But I’m never happier thant when it’s sunny outsite.
  • I want to spend time of my life living in a cabin in the wood. It’s a dream I have. But in the same time, I want to move to New York. Like, yesterday.
  • Traveling is my favorite thing in the world. Change of place, all the time. But it doesn’t keep me from sometimes spending days and days on my couch watching TVshows when the weather is great outside !
  • For me happily ever after is an illusion, and forever love doesn’t exist. But I love weddings anyway. And romantic comedy.

Everyone is experiencing this kind of two-level opinion, those little weird contradictions. And sometimes they even teach us more about someone than his/her “logical” features, those plains character traits.

What’s about you ? What is your duality ? ♥

Pics by Era Pictures (insta here)


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