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sixquatre troissept

I think society doesn’t encourage us to dream. “Dreaming is for lazy people, dreaming is for artists; it’s for those who have nothing better to do, who have not any ambition”. It’s what society seems to keep repeating. But… why ?

Like if to dream could keep us from living. I think it’s quite the opposite; having dreams and do everything we can to reach them, this is living. It’s like an impulse in every step we make. Someone who’s dreaming, it’s someone who think big; who has no frontier. Who has sky for only limit (yeah, I became a poet during the night !). Here is my little recipe to make your dreams a reality.


What do you dream bout ? I know it’s not easy, I know it seems out of reach. They want to confine use in boxes, they want us to be all the same. Don’t let them, go out of what you know, of what you learnt. Jump outside your comfort zone to make your craziest dreams happen ! Don’t follow your dreams; lead them. Create them. It’s that way that you will really live them, instead of watching them from afar ♥

Pix by Gabrielle (FB, site)

Outfit : Top H&M, Pants Zara, Boots See By Chloé, Fake tattoo on the wrist Urban Decay, Cuff Vintage, Bracelet bought in Bali, Big ring I am, Other ring bought in Creuse

deux un huit couv cinq

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  1. danielle says:

    really well said & i couldn’t agree more! these photos are so lovely as well 🙂

  2. Livia says:

    How gorgeous is this post! I am a bit embarrassed to say so but I am a typical day dreamer… Always with my mind in the clouds and dreaming about life in peace and happiness.
    I am happy I found your website 🙂

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