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As I promised, here are the souvenirs I bought from my weekend in Disneyland Paris 🙂 if you guys go there sometimes, you can find all this in the stores I’ll write down for you ! Hope one day I will go in Orlando to visit the huuuuge Disneyland there ! Did you ever go ? By the way, if someone has a tips to get an annual passport for disneyland paris half price or something, let me know please ♥



Giraffe – Rainforest Café / Box – Pirates des Caraïbes

I’m so childish when I’m in Disney; and as I’m redecorating this days and in addition I’m obsessed by tiny animals right now, I just melt when I saw this giraffe in the Rainforest Cafe store ! It’s a restaurant and a little boutique, in Disney Village. This young giraffounette (crazy french things, if you can’t understand, you’re normal lol) is just perfect on my coffee table, just next to this pretty box.

This one I get in the Pirates of the Caribbean’s attraction boutique, in Adventureland ! Contrary to appearances, it’s brand new and very light; I put my candles in it. It’s always less cool than a real authentic  safe of course, but i’s also so much cheaper hihi.



Ring and earrings – Main Street’s boutique

I didn’t bought jewelry in Disneyland since I was a little girl ! Even if they are not so much my style and very big, I really liked those earrings, I though with a retro look they will be pretty 🙂 On the contrary, when I saw the ring, I jumped on it ! It’s unique but fine, sooo pretty ! I wanted it right away to wear on the index finger, it looks great.

You can find everything on Main Street, in the fourth boutique on the right’s street, when you look at the castle. Or maybe it is the 5th boutique… anyway it’s in this area ! I didn’t see the ring anywhere else so keep looking ! Just for the record, I took it in size 57 as I’ve pretty fine fingers and I wear it in the index finger.



Straw – Main Street / Cookies’ box – Ratatouille’s Plaza

Little (BIG) come back in childhood with a curly straw dominated by Angel, Stitch’s girlfriend (what you didn’t know Stitch was in love ? muaha). I now drink my morning juice so happily ! Found in the same place that the jewelry above, in an all-pink store specialized in candies !

And this very pretty cookies’ box for my beloved grandma is coming from the brand new extremely cute shop which is on Ratatouille plaza, in Disney Studio.  It’s a boutique customized with cup cakes and treats, it fits perfectly in the “very-french-romantic-movie-atmosphere” they settle for the area. There were a lot of different design, but Alice is definitely my favorite when it comes to tea 😉 You also can find it in one of Disney Village’s boutique.



Sweater Grumpy – Main Street / Dots sweater – Hotel’s Boutique

I found the grumpy sweat in the same boutique than for the jewelry. There were a lot of them with Tinkerbell, Bambi, Mickey… but I just fell for this one, with his “Bad Temper, stay far away“, even if it was in the boy area. It is really warm, and hummmm so soft.

The dots sweater has an original shape, so minimalist ! It’s really warm too, and changes from what I’m used to where. We bought it in the beautiful store of Disneyland Hotel where we stayed, but it also was in some shops in the park too 🙂

I’m done with my little Disney souvenirs ! I’m so happy of my treats; did you ever buy some little treasures there ?  ♥

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  1. Gwendolyn says:

    C’est tres mignon!! Disneyland Paris seems much more elegant and cute than here in California, I want all the accessories;)

    • AC says:

      Hihi you speak french ! Where did you learn ? 🙂
      I don’t know the disneyland in california at all, hope I’ll check one day 🙂 Thank you so much for passing by <3

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