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I’m always searching for my style; I don’t have a very defined one. I adapt my look according to my mood, my desires. Sometimes, it’s tiring to always change of “character”, and I wanted something to be constant in all this. So I become red hair again ! I went by many colors to explore all my personalities; originally I have light brown hair originally with red reflects. And it’s when I’m red hair that I really feel like myself 🙂

I never post “outfit of the day”… I want to change that ! So, here is my outfit for today. Simple and comfy, but when an unique twist. I like this harness, it ornaments a tee-shirt, gives shape to a light top !

Pieces list below 😉 I send you a lot of kisses, have a great week-end ! ♥


_DSC58311Shirt Free People / Harness Free People / Slim Jennyfer / Necklace Sex and The City



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  1. Mona says:

    Nice! I’m a big fan of harnesses!

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