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I like editing videos since I’m a little girl. I had my first computer at 8 years old, my first video camera at 12, et my first software at 14. I loved editing clips of my favorites movies, of my friends, of my memories. I wanted that my videos had an atmosphere, cause an emotion. It was a way to express myself, my feelings in video clip. It’s why at first I opened a Youtube channel before opening a blog. Even if it’s really cool, doing videos tutorials is not what I prefer. On the other hand, showing images with music, decor, clothes, that is my passion.

I never really imagine doing fashion movies before I saw Roshambo : Rocks from Free People, which is, as you will understand soon enough, my favorite brand, and the source of a lot of my inspirations and projects. That video, and all the others the brand realized, changed everything in my head. It’s really something I wanna do with my life. Connect this way clothes’ beauty, those details, landscapes, a music, emotions, a story, I think it is beautiful. It’s priceless. Even if I can be a hundredth good as their movies, I decided to make my own, to share a little bit of feelings, fashion, and inspiration !

So here is my first video of this kind; I think I’ll call that a fashion movie, because for me it’s not like a lookbook or a commercial either. It’s deeper. Hope you will understand it ! The purpose here is not to show off, even if right there it’s just me, in my apartment, who is trying to give you in three minutes my little cocooning’s atmosphere and my way to dress for the occasion ! Bixxx ♥

(click on the little wheel to watching in HD !)
EDIT : I won a Princess Tam Tam contest thanks to this video. Yay ! 

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  1. Katie Weaver says:

    I love this! well done 🙂

  2. Dianne says:

    Loved your video! Very well done!!! 😀
    and thank you for the comments on my blog <3

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