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Of course, leaving for an adventure isn’t going for easy; anyway today, we have a lot very, very useful apps to help us in our journey 😉

TO MOVE :, City Mapper, Flight Radar 24, Uber, Go Jek, Grab.

TO EAT : TripAdvisor, Foodpanda.

TO SLEEP : Hostelworld, Booking, Air Bnb, Couchsurfing.

TO LIVE : Reverso, XE Currency

I’ll add some with my discoveries !



I start with the most important allows you to download detailed maps from all around the world for free, then to be used as an offline GPS. Without connection, you can still navigate on your maps, which can be useful when even your driver doesn’t know the way 😀 You can also put pins on the places you want to visit, the restaurants, the hostels… like above on my Chiang Mai map (Thailand).

Very nice app to move in and around big cities easily : Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Moscou, NY… around 30 places available. Just enter your destination to have a full itinerary made up : Citymapper‘ll give you the uber prices, the kind of transportation, timming, pricing, even the number of trees saved by using public transports…

Nice app for people stressed by flying; or control freaks 🙂 on flight radar 24, you can see on live planes flying all around the world. Just click on it and you’ll have the type of plane, the company, its speed, its way, its altitude… I feel very comforting to see those thousands of little orange planes in the sky at the same time. Mainly you can use it to track flights of your friends !

No need to introduce Uber. It’s working pretty much all around the world I think, and in Asia for sure, for very attractive prices (more than local cabs). Be aware of the internal war between taxis and uber over there; some drivers will ask you to go a bit further to meet them, to avoid their car being broken by furious taxis (at least in Bali !).

Indonesian app

Good app to call scooter-taxi, in Indonesia. They also deliver meals, which is nice. Even tho you want to trust your driver, don’t forget the helmet ! Indonesian roads are pretty dangerous.

We end (for now) this category by the best (at least for me) driver service in AsiaGrab. Moto, car, you can choose; and the prices are ridiculously low ! I remember going home at night in Vietnam, for less than 1$. The app is in most southeast Asia countries. And the drivers are easy to spot, in their green outfit !


I trust TripAdvisor blindly. You just have to read the reviews and stick to it. I had so many nice surprises, so many delicious meals… in places I would never have been without this app;  because it looked weird of it was very hidden. But I found many wonderful places thanks to that. I especially think about the best vietnamese Banh Mi I had; I talk about it here.

App delivering a great selection of restaurants around you in few countries in Asia, as Philippines, Thailand, India… They even deliver in hostels 😉 very nice when you’re exhausted and want to eat quietly !


My number one app to find a place to rest. Hostelworld is efficient and reliable. You can find mostly hostels, but also some guesthouses. Pics, prices, descriptions, reviews of other users, everything is on it. My advices : always read reviews before booking; and do not choose an hostel with a grade less than 7/10 and which got less than 10 reviews (speaking from experience haha). Prices are quite low, and app is well-known from the backpacking community so the hostels are often full of travelers !

When you want to buy a little treat for yourself and you’re tired of hostels, Booking is a safe bet. From pretty guesthouses to luxury 5* hotels. Like for all this apps, check the reviews before you go, and try to avoid the places which don’t have a lot. About the wifi, my little trick to put all chances on your side : in your research on the app, check the box “I travel for work” or something like that. You will have more chance to find a really wifi connection.

To save 15$ on your booking, use my link 🙂 : Save 15$

Rental website, from one day to few months. You take the keys and boom ! You’ve got an apartment. It’s really nice sometimes to have your own space, so Air bnb helped me well. I rent a place for 10 days in Thailand, and also few times in Switzerland, and it always was great. In Asia, prices are more affordable than in Europe of course, like always. Same advices than for other apps, check the reviews and be quick, ’cause it’s going away fast !

To save 30$ for your first booking, use my link : Airbnb


To live and sleep with locals. There is no better way to discover a city than with its residents. On Couchsurfing you can host or be hosted; everyone has a profil with its “travel resume”, interests, and hosts’ reviews. For more safety, I’d advice you to go to verified members (profil liked to FB, ID put in the app, etc) but it’s not mandatory. Like for most of things, follow your intuition 😉 I was host like a princess in France, Italy, Vietnam thanks to this app, so for me it’s the best ! In addition to save a bit of money, it allows you to completely experience the daily life with people. Of course it’s not a hotel, so save time to spend with your host during your stay.


Little app very useful to translate your words in many languages, sometimes even while giving you example of contexts to use them. Very practical when you want to communicate with locals and other travelers. I think they also have an offline version, but you must pay for it.

XE Currency

To convert your currencies with each others ! You can add a lot of them of your chart, see their evolution and convert them. Useful when you visit many countries and you need to pass from euros to pounds to roupies etc 🙂


There it is ! I will add more with time 🙂 If you liked it, if you have apps to share, leave a comment ♥

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