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_DSC4168_DSC4189_DSC4114_DSC4176    When I read in september that Anthropologie just opened a corner in BHV Marais in Paris, I ran into the first subway to see it ! I love this brand, it is so sweet, full of retro’s inspiration, pretty decor, fun stuff, in short : beautiful things ! I only went to one Anthropologie’s shop, the one near the Rockefeller Center in New York city. The BHV’s corner is about the same concept : nearly everything is on sell ! Pillows, mugs, from skirts to headband pass by staplers, everything is the same cosy atmosphere with a twist of vintage.

This BHV’s corner is supposed to be set here until february, but I heard little rumors which imply that a new Anthropologie’s boutique will arrive very soon in France. It would be so great, because it’s a really beautiful concept, and we don’t have anything closer from that here, in France. I was very excited, and so I succeed to have an accreditation to photograph everything. Not easy between the neon light and my photography’s skills let’s say aerhm… novice but I spend a very good time observing everything !

Like in the USA, the corner is always changing. It is always reorganized : not based on brands, but on defined themes choose by merchandising’s team. It should be such an interesting job, I wonder how it works ! It must be great to decide how design a corner/a shop following its atmosphere et the actual season, by paying attention to each products, lightenings, at the pieces to highlight… I think I’d really love that 🙂

_DSC4127_DSC4124_DSC4096_DSC4147_DSC4155_DSC4102_DSC4181I did my best to catch the corner’s universes, which is really similar to the brand’s image, and even to its website : very soft, full of every sorts of colored fabrics, animals things, exotics prints… We can feel the fabrics are skin-friendly, soft and delicate. I really loved the mugs, the cuddly lamas, pompom beanies, old books paperweight… I also love the jewelry, very precious and unique ! Besides, I can not wait this photo session to buy myself some treats hihi !

Few times after the opening of the corner, I gave myself some treats : a really unique lace blouse, a pretty bracelet, and a glass box sooo magic ! I love it ! What a feeling to have not to wait for the delivery and to be able to touch and try the pieces ! But I can’t lie, Anthropologie’s products are pretty expensive… But as I told you higter, they are really good quality, et very delicate. But it is a choice 🙂 we can see it as an investment ! An investment in beautiful things which last longer. Each time I see my little magic box, or I wear my blouse, I feel great !

So if you haven’t an Anthropologie’s store in your country either and you are in France, hurry up to fill up on cute things at the corner, we have 3 months left to enjoy it… In the meantime, I let you with my photographs and my gifts ♥

36 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France


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  1. Dianne says:

    I love anthropologie, but its too expensive for me lol

    • AC says:

      Ahah yeah it’s pretty expensive ! But it worths the price, it is an investment you can make when you really need some treats ! 🙂

  2. Anna F. says:

    What an amazing photos. The books covers are amazing.

    I would like to follow you via bloglovin or GFC, but i can’t find any of them in your blog. Do you have it?

    Blog: A Beautiful Little Fool

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