Andalusia in 15 pictures

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In July, I put on my backpack to go away for a few weeks and discover Andalusia, in the south of Spain. This part was dominated by the Moors for several centuries, and it gave a really unique architecture which I loved to take pictures of; especially the details. 

Cobblestones streets, orange blossom and olive oil smell, the bite of sun on my skin, grey, orange, red soil, guitar notes dancing in the air… flowers and rivers, palmtrees and the sea. This atmosphere gave me months of sun 

Through Juderia streets, old city of Granada

Alhambra, Granada

View  from “Balcony of l’Europe”, Nerja

Around alleys and bridges of Cordoba

In Alcazar’s garden in Cordoba

Alcazar of Seville

Even tho it’s not the perfect catch, a memory of our beautiful red moon, above Seville’s garden


For more pictures of my Andalusia journey, you can check instagram by clicking on the picture below 😉


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