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Myanmar, this amazing and exhausting place

It’s exactly how I see it. It’s probably my favorite country in Asia. I’m completely in love with its gorgeous landscape, its so generous people, all its hidden beautiful sides. BUT. You have to know, this country is hard and exhausting. I planned to stay few weeks, I just made it two. You can see my itinerary hereSee you next time, Myanmar ♥

Here are some probably useful infos if you want to visit this magic lands !

Transportation :

  • I arrived and left by walking the border, because I like to make my life complicated and a little bit scary. But you have some airports, with very cheap flights (15-40$ inside the country)
  • bus, trains and boats are long, but just for few dollars 🙂 easy to travel around the “most known” cities and the landscapes are great all the way.
  • to those who are prone to motion sickness, I advice to have strong medication with you, because Myanmar’s roads are the worst I ever saw (yes, way worst than Vietnam :D) even the locals are stuck to their vomit-bags. Like one of my friend said :” in Myanmar, when you arrive in one piece, you feel blessed !”
  •  In the city of Bagan, you have very practical Ebike that you can rent. Very easy to handle, so perfect to learn how to drive a motobike, especially because the traffic is calm over there !


Yangoun’s temple

Budget :

  • transports and food are so cheap !
  • it’s balanced by the higher prices of accommodations; because they need a licence to be able to host tourists.
  • you can find ATM machines, but not everywhere. Try to always have a little bit of cash on you, just in case.
  • I found it less easy to bargain in Myanmar; but it’s not that bad, because prices are already so low…
  • You have to pay fees to enter some areas, because they are considered as national parks. So don’t be surprise to be wake up in the middle of a bus trip 😉 
  • I spent around 500$ in 16 days there, without restraining myself more than usual (visa included).


U bein bridge, Mandalay

Safety :

  • the awful conflict with the Rohingyas worries a lot of travelers. I don’t know about the situation when you read this, but when I’m writing those lines (October 2017), the conflict is happening in a closed area not accessible for tourists. Europeans media focused on this subject this summer, when all this is happening since more 10 years
  • I felt really safe in Myanmar. Locals are so nice and like tourists, not too many yet.
  • Myanmar wants to extend its popularity because tourism helps the burmese to live better, so the government is very strict about our security : to assault a foreigner is harshly punished, they don’t even kidding with that.


Bagan’s temple

Othere infos :

  • Internet : wifi is like… very, very, very bad. If you want to be connected, buy a sim card, so cheap and very effective; preferably from Télénor operator, which is so good. Of course don’t forget you’re in Asia, so don’t expect any data in the forest or the mountain… and it’s for the better 😉
  • power cuts are not rare; so if you need to work, try to fully charge your devices when you have the opportuniy. And bring an external battery.
  • most of the dishes over there are deeply fried and they put oil everywhere… I never get used to it.
  • most of the Burmese have golden/white paint on their faces. It’s against the sun and bad karma if I understood well 🙂 I like the idea !
  • a lot of men are chewing all day something like a red paste for energy : it’s guava. They spit it on the floor with a lot of noise and it looks like blood… very surprising but you get used to it haha.


I hope this few points will answer your questions, go to Myanmar now before it becomes too touristic… it’s magical ! ♥


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